2012.01.10 19:00 - Surroundering

    The Guardian for this meeting was Eos Amaterasu. The comments are by Eos Amaterasu.


    Lawrence Vyceratops: hello
    Eos Amaterasu: Hi Lawrence!


    Lawrence Vyceratops: slow night
    Eos Amaterasu: steady as she goes
    Eos Amaterasu: Have you been to Play as Being before, Vyc?
    Lawrence Vyceratops: Yes
    Eos Amaterasu: Ok. Just wanted to be sure you knew that chats here are recorded to our wiki (http://wiki.playasbeing.org)
    Lawrence Vyceratops: I do
    Eos Amaterasu: It's been a long day. Sometimes I appreciate the chance to just do nothing.
    Lawrence Vyceratops: i see a lot of that in sl haha
    Eos Amaterasu: What about in RL?
    Eos Amaterasu: Hi Tess
    Tess Aristocrat: Hello :)
    Lawrence Vyceratops: in rl, i see a lot of doing doing doing
    Eos Amaterasu: where is it going?
    Lawrence Vyceratops: where is what going?
    Eos Amaterasu: the doing doing doing
    Tess Aristocrat: It goes around and around...
    Lawrence Vyceratops: it seems to be going through a lot of trouble
    Lawrence Vyceratops: haha
    Tess Aristocrat: :)
    Eos Amaterasu: seems like a common point, or meeting point,is not in the doing or going but in the nada, the unoccupied space in between
    Tess Aristocrat: In the stoppng and reflecting?
    Eos Amaterasu: stopping, reflections happen, noticings happen.....
    Eos Amaterasu: both don't buy in, and celebrate :-)
    Eos Amaterasu: Hi Para
    Paradise Tennant: smiles and waves all round .. hello eos tess lawrence :)
    Tess Aristocrat: Paraaa! :)
    Eos Amaterasu: Any suggestions for a framing for abiding in the upcoming 90 seconds pause?


    Eos Amaterasu: Comfort Moon

    This comfort moon don't light my way nor keep me warm.
    The offshore buoy flashes red as do the harbor entrance one
    and the one on the gummint dock, it flashes green.
    I just keep 'em in line.

    And so it's winter. So what?
    Tuke, gloves, long undies and the effort do the trick.
    Besides it's only two miles out and back.
    Nothin' to it, long as I stay in the boat.

    It ain't even company, really, this moon.
    The sea at night and all the high cold stars,
    a man don't come out here to chat
    but to get to the heart of his bein' alone

    and so visitors ain't wanted nor welcome.
    Nossir, this moon is just rich, and any rowboat's a yacht
    that is out on the swells in the dark while it's risin'
    like the first and best gold from the slot

    like a quiche pie fresh-served from the oven
    like the face of the one who came here to this faraway place
    and showed me what was real and what was not
    and that every blessed thing I need, I already got.

    10 January 2012
    Jim Lindsey
    For his sister Lynn for her birthday

    Paradise Tennant: beautiful thank you eos :)
    Eos Amaterasu: Seems to touch on "enoughness", a term / indicator used by PaBers....
    Eos Amaterasu: how to not be allergic to the spot you're on
    Eos Amaterasu: full moon, empty moon, new moon
    Paradise Tennant: smiles yes :) surrounder to the moon as it may be :)
    Paradise Tennant: *surrender
    Eos Amaterasu likes the idea of surroundering :-)
    Eos Amaterasu: feels very empty full moon like
    Tess Aristocrat: likes 'Comfort Moon'
    Paradise Tennant: The Guest House Rumi

    This being human is a guest house.
    Every morning a new arrival.
    A joy, a depression, a meanness,
    some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.

    Welcome and entertain them all!
    Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
    who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture,
    still, treat each guest honorably.

    He may be clearing you out for some new delight.
    The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
    meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
    Be grateful for whatever comes.
    because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

    Paradise Tennant: smiles yes me too Tess ..always like the cosy the comfortable the pleasant :)) the happy ;)
    Tess Aristocrat: I like Rumi
    Paradise Tennant: well he was great at perspective because true surrender it to what ever is .. ..so enoughness and isness ..:))
    Eos Amaterasu: we are buffetted away from enoughness and isness by the winds of sticky phenomena
    Tess Aristocrat: Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy. That is not our business and, in fact, it is nobody's business. What we are asked to do is to love, and this love itself will render both ourselves and our neighbors worthy. Fill us then with love, and let us be bound together with love as we go our diverse ways, united in this one spirit which makes You present in the world, and which makes You witness to the ultimate reality that is love. Love has overcome. Love is victorious. Amen.

    ~Thomas Merton

    Eos Amaterasu: !


    Paradise Tennant: smiles!!! what a wonderful expression of our purpose
    Tess Aristocrat: :)
    Eos Amaterasu: Love shows up. Love is present. Love is not deceived. Love is not buffeted by deception. Love is letting be of being....
    Tess Aristocrat: Gamble everything for love, if you’re a true human being.
    If not, leave this gathering.
    Half-heartedness doesn’t reach into majesty.
    You set out to find God, but then you keep stopping for long periods at meanspirited roadhouses.
    Don’t wait any longer.
    Dive in the ocean, leave and let the sea be you.
    Silent, absent, walking an empty road, all praise.

    -- Rumi

    Eos Amaterasu: walking an empty road, all praise.
    Eos Amaterasu: !!!
    Tess Aristocrat: yea.. :)
    Eos Amaterasu: amen!
    Paradise Tennant: smiles
    Tess Aristocrat: I like 'to look upon the world with fresh eyes'
    Tess Aristocrat: to not become complacent, to practice non-complacency
    Eos Amaterasu: Ah, which seems to include not ignoring (ie, not falling into vacancy)
    Eos Amaterasu: "remain in light": in open presencing
    Eos Amaterasu: there's the eyes behind the eyes: "your eyes looked from your mother's face"
    Lawrence Vyceratops: I'm not quite following... :)
    Paradise Tennant: smiles we are skipping around a bit :)
    Lawrence Vyceratops: ah ;)
    Eos Amaterasu: celebrating
    Eos Amaterasu: there's hints of not just looking, or looking at appearances, but also being looked at, phenomena coming to you
    Eos Amaterasu: APAPB: "appreciate the presence of appearance as a presentation of being"
    Eos Amaterasu: bubbles of awareness float by and engulf you
    Eos Amaterasu: multi-sensorially


    Eos Amaterasu: being is surroundering us
    Paradise Tennant: smiles
    Lawrence Vyceratops: what's everyone doing?
    Eos Amaterasu looks around
    Eos Amaterasu: In RL I was just yawning (approaching midnight)
    Paradise Tennant: smiles here too
    Lawrence Vyceratops: haha ok
    Paradise Tennant: but enjoying just sitting together not really doing
    Paradise Tennant: much of anything
    Lawrence Vyceratops: 've been busy preparing supper
    Tess Aristocrat: yes, same here :)
    Eos Amaterasu: in not doingness is the salvation of the world
    Lawrence Vyceratops: is it? :)
    Eos Amaterasu: and combined with supper it's the best of all possible worlds!
    Eos Amaterasu: I think so: not doing, not holding, just open, opens onto a space beyond particularities
    Eos Amaterasu: millions of people doing 9 second pauses in cafés around the world would go beyond world peace :-)
    Eos Amaterasu: cafés are like that: "we laugh and toast to nothing...." (Joni Mitchell)
    Eos Amaterasu: & meanwhile there's rich tastes and colours
    Eos Amaterasu: patterns on the cappuccino foam
    Eos Amaterasu: balletic pirouettes
    Eos Amaterasu: hark!
    Lawrence Vyceratops: i'm lost again... haha ;)
    Tess Aristocrat: “What we are asked to do is to love; and this love itself will render both ourselves and our neighbor worthy if anything can. Indeed, that is one of the most significant things about the power of love. There is no way under the sun to make a man worthy of love except by loving him. As soon as he realizes himself loved – if he is not so weak that he can no longer bear to be loved – he will feel himself instantly becoming worthy of love. He will respond by drawing a mysterious spiritual value out of his own depths, a new identity called into being by the love that is addressed to him.”

    - From Disputed Questions by Thomas Merton

    Eos Amaterasu: What an insightful quote!
    Tess Aristocrat: I bid you all goodnight and sweet dreams
    Eos Amaterasu: Good night, thank you all!
    Paradise Tennant: nite nite eos thank you :)
    Paradise Tennant: smiles thank you Tess I am going to have to read more Merton :)
    Paradise Tennant: I will say good night too :) namaste ..may you walk in love :)
    Lawrence Vyceratops: night

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