2008.10.02 13:00 - Spirit

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    The guardian for this meeting was Storm Nordwind. The comments are Storm's.

    Wol was already in the Pavilion when I arrived. quen joined us shortly afterwards. Wol had been preparing a snack in real life. I decided to follow suit in Second Life and put a bottle of red wine on the table between us. And the meeting, full of long pleasant silences, ended up as a set of friends simply BEING together, tasting spirit in a different way.

    Storm Nordwind: Hello Wol
    Wol Euler: sorry storm, I was in the kitchen. Hello!
    Storm Nordwind: I could tell... well, I didn't place it as the kitchen, but still... :)
    PaB Listener Master: I've been touched by a PaB guardian.
    Wol Euler: hehehe
    PaB Listener Master: Recording has started!
    Storm Nordwind: Finding the happiness that you deserve in the kitchen perhaps?
    Storm Nordwind refers to Wol's floating tag which says, "I deserve happiness."
    Wol Euler: oh, someone told me the name of a new guardian the other day, I was going to add to the list.
    Wol Euler smiles. There is tea in the making, and choccy biscuits.
    Storm Nordwind: Is not the definitive list on the Wiki?
    Wol Euler: I would hope so :-) I'll have to check, I thought hat the name was new i.e. not there, but I can't remember who it was. Have to check my chat log.
    Wol Euler thinks: that was a pretty low-content pair of sentences.
    Wol Euler: l'chaim!
    Storm Nordwind: That's OK, I have a low capacity brain today
    Wol Euler smiles. Glad I'm not alone, then.
    Wol Euler: tomorrow's a holiday in Germany, I want ot get the listener scripts finished off by monday. There are just a few problems left.
    Storm Nordwind has opened a bottle of Chateau Fremont red wine and is sipping it slowly
    Wol Euler raises her cup of milky Earl Grey tea.
    Storm Nordwind: Sorry to hear there are still problems. Please have a glass of wine.
    Wol Euler: thank you, I will.
    Storm Nordwind refills his glass
    Wol Euler: cheers
    Storm Nordwind: Cheers!
    Wol Euler: good thing there's no gravity in SL.
    Storm Nordwind chuckles
    Storm Nordwind: So what other news? Has the autologging taken most of your time?
    Wol Euler: ah, that's better.
    Wol Euler: between autologging and work in RL, yes, I have very little time left.
    Storm Nordwind sympathises
    Wol Euler: Some of what remains has gone on self-pity, the rest on trying to help a friend who is really, deeply down.
    Storm Nordwind: I find that one's own self-pity can disappear when you help a friend like that.
    Wol Euler: oh yes, it's a definite picker-upper. Puts things in perpective.
    Storm Nordwind nods
    Storm Nordwind: Hi quen
    quen Oh: hello Storm and Wol :-)
    Wol Euler: hello quen
    Storm Nordwind: We're just sipping some of this fine red wine. Please help yourself
    quen Oh smiles, was allready studying the bottle, nice!
    quen Oh: thank you
    Wol Euler: it really is very good, anims and scripting are excellent. And a fine oaky bottom note with just a little tannin :-)
    Storm Nordwind smiles!
    quen Oh: nice, I appreciate a good wine ;-)

    Wol asked about the project that I've ben working on recently, the Kira Cafe.

    Wol Euler: how is the Kira Centre coming on , Storm? I've been reading thte e-mail conversation about it.
    quen Oh sips and enjoys
    Storm Nordwind: The Cafe is going to be live next week. Big big job getting it right
    Wol Euler: yes, I'm sure. Very intricate design (from the photos)
    Storm Nordwind: 3000+ prims in the cafe... so far
    Wol Euler: wow!
    quen Oh: oh its really nice, we might enjoy some more wine there :-)
    quen Oh: Storm gave me a preview :-)
    quen Oh: lol you must have built a lot more now than
    quen Oh: over 3000!
    quen Oh: gosh and I can only use 500 max in my pavillion.
    Storm Nordwind: Yeah well... I wanted to use prims instead of some textures.
    Storm Nordwind: It's a big place and quite intricate
    Wol Euler: aaah

    And it was true. My intention is for the Kira Cafe to be an inviting building. I want to attract people there and ensure people want to come back. A great part of that is what happens there - the talks, socials and other events - and the people that attend. But there is some contribution from making a pleasant and interesting place to be. The many prims go to making it luscious. :)

    At this point I was also getting Instant Messages from genesis Zhangsun. There was an urgent project that she needed help with. I decided I would ask for volunteers to help me help me! :)

    Storm Nordwind: Now I have a request of you both
    Wol Euler: okay
    Storm Nordwind: I wonder if you could both help me with a small project immediately after this meeting.... in the Cafe
    Wol Euler: sure
    Storm Nordwind: Thank you Wol. Will you be available quen?
    quen Oh: sure, will that involve some more wine? ;-)
    quen Oh: because I can help you with that always ;-)

    The Cafe was indeed well-stocked!

    Storm Nordwind: More wine... yes. Or beer, or champagne, or whisky, or bourbon...
    Wol Euler: she's so selfless.
    quen Oh: gosh hehe... well as you are close to the source of the good single malts,, perhaps upload some?
    quen Oh: hehehe yes, enormously haha
    Wol Euler: avastu!
    quen Oh: hello Avastu!
    Storm Nordwind: We have a Talisker. Not my favourite, but acceptable
    Avastu Maruti: love to you my friends
    quen Oh: indeed :-)
    Storm Nordwind: Welcome Avastu
    Wol Euler likes Oban, and Lagavulin on special occasions.
    Storm Nordwind's favourite is Lagavulin
    Wol Euler acknowledges your good taste with a smile.
    quen Oh smiles, mine too
    Wol Euler: ah!
    quen Oh: as for the other islay single malts always welcome too!

    I do indeed find Islay single malts delicious, with the exception of possibly the most famous, Laphroaig, which is rather one dimensional in my opinion. But I kept that to myself - because I couldn't remember the spelling!

    Storm Nordwind wonders whether to go get some from the cupboard in RL
    quen Oh: we should organise a good whisky night!!
    Wol Euler: "no matches" awwwww :-(
    quen Oh: good idea Storm
    Wol Euler: have to makes some.
    Storm Nordwind: I need my senses for the little project after this.
    Storm Nordwind: Avastu... I have an urgent project to do at the new Kira Cafe after this meeting. The meeting will therefore not be too long, but you are welcome to help with this project if you wish
    Storm Nordwind: It will not take too much time
    Avastu Maruti: just stopping by, my friend
    Storm Nordwind: Ah OK
    quen Oh is starting to get more and more curious now
    quen Oh: (not so much spirits related)
    quen Oh: you must be shocked Avastu ;-) instead of spiritual things we talk spirits today...
    Avastu Maruti: hahaha!
    Avastu Maruti: much better topic!
    Wol Euler: heheheh
    quen Oh: haha
    Storm Nordwind: I am surrounded with good places that make spirits - in the land of the true single malts
    quen Oh: well I can see the attractive side indeed... (meanwhile feeling sorry I have not refilled my single malt stock...)
    quen Oh looks a bit jealous...
    Storm Nordwind: I took a trip to Islay a few years ago. Visited 5 distilleries and one brewery in 2 days
    Wol Euler grins
    Avastu Maruti: you must visit Kentucky - the home of Kentucky Bourbon
    Storm Nordwind: I will, in good time, though I am not a bourbon lover
    Avastu Maruti: maybe you just haven't had any good KY bourbon!
    quen Oh smiles at Storm
    quen Oh: aaargh Avastu...
    Storm Nordwind: I've had what was highly regarded. I'm sure I'd recognise the name if you said it
    Avastu Maruti: hmm
    Avastu Maruti: Woodford Reserve?
    quen Oh: you really find that better than Lagavullin or any of the other islay single malts?
    Storm Nordwind shakes his head

    It wasn't Woodford. Only a later was I to remember it was Bulleit - from Kentucky for sure, but not an Islay malt!

    Avastu Maruti: not sure - don't drink it
    quen Oh: well I recommend that you try if you have the chance :-) it's really nice
    Storm Nordwind: Complex. You can tell it was distilled next to the sea
    quen Oh: yes, bit salty, bit smokey
    Storm Nordwind: They say that the local whisky captures the soul of a place.
    quen Oh: oops talking about the spirits I forgot to get my tea!
    Wol Euler: (sorry, RL calls, brb)
    quen Oh: with a bitterkoekje.. something Pema would recognise as typical old Dutch cookie
    Storm Nordwind laughs
    Storm Nordwind: mmmmmm sounds wonderful
    quen Oh: .... recooking water
    quen Oh: it is, its with almond and little bitter, and soft
    Storm Nordwind: OK, as we are enjoying the long silences, I'm going to ask to bring this meeting to a close and take two of you up on your offer to help me for a while
    Storm Nordwind: Though I need Wol to rouse from slumber first :)
    Wol Euler: back, and reading
    quen Oh: nice
    quen Oh: are we going to be guinee pigs?
    Wol Euler: heh, seems I didn't miss much :-)
    Storm Nordwind: I'll tell you when we get there
    quen Oh: mmm intrigueing
    Avastu Maruti: love to you my friends
    Storm Nordwind: Namaste
    Wol Euler: bye avastu, hope to see you again soon.
    Avastu Maruti smiles
    Storm Nordwind: I will TP you
    quen Oh: very nice day Avastu, hope to see you again soon

    And we flew off to assist genesis.

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