2008.10.10 13:00 - Inner Weed Pulling

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    The guardian for this session was Solobill; comments are his.

    I arrived at the Pavilion to find Wol already there.

    Wol Euler: hello solo
    Solobill Laville: HI Wol
    Solobill Laville: How goes the recorder??
    Wol Euler: I've made a few tweaks, it seems to be running OK now.
    Solobill Laville: Excellent! Transparent green balls now too?
    Wol Euler: they should be transparent, yes. do you see green?
    Solobill Laville: No, and I can't easily grab it over my head either, which is a good thing!
    Wol Euler: :-)
    Wol Euler: though Vertigo pointed out that one might must delete the master, which would have a similar effect.
    Solobill Laville: hmmm
    Solobill Laville: ok :)
    Solobill Laville: /ne shrugs
    Wol Euler grins and shrugs.
    Solobill Laville: ha! nice typo (me)
    Wol Euler: vandalproof is like unsinkable : doesn't exist.
    Wol Euler: :-)
    Solobill Laville nods
    Solobill Laville: New look on the hair, I like it
    Wol Euler smiloes. thanks, it's one of my oldest actually.
    Solobill Laville: Dag, and cat eyes too!
    Wol Euler: hehehehehe
    Solobill Laville: I'm gonna make you my body guard or somethin' :)
    Wol Euler: part of the outfit.
    Wol Euler: (the eyes)
    Solobill Laville: Ah :)
    Solobill Laville: So I'm on Holiday at my parents up in the north of Michigan
    Wol Euler: nice.
    Solobill Laville: it is a gorgeous day...
    Solobill Laville: Just watched salmon jumping in the river
    Wol Euler: about 3pm for you, right?
    Wol Euler: wow.
    Solobill Laville: 4:00
    Wol Euler: I can never remember where the timezone borders run.
    Solobill Laville: Oh, geez, me neither
    Solobill Laville: (in terms of Europe I mean)
    Wol Euler: ah, europe is easier: there's only one zone
    Solobill Laville: But in the US, it is "Eastern" from the Atlantic to Chicago
    Solobill Laville: Really, Ireland and Italy are the same?
    Wol Euler: (except portugal = England and Poland and eastwards)
    Wol Euler: ah,no, ireland is on english time IIRC
    Solobill Laville: OK, thought I was severly geographically challenged there for a minute
    Wol Euler: :-)
    Solobill Laville: (I must be only moderately challenged I guess) :)
    Solobill Laville: Did you read the last note Pema sent?

    I had asked about the idea of "Being Seing", which both Adams and Fael had commented on and seemed very related to the last conversation that Wol and I had.  I sat and waited oh so patiently while Wol typed.  And typed.  And typed.  Slowly it dawned on me that I had crashed...

    Wol Euler: wb
    Solobill Laville: yeah, crashed and didn't even know it..
    Wol Euler: :-)
    Solobill Laville: Sometimes the only way I can tell is if my mini-map is on and it turns reddish/brown
    Wol Euler: huh
    Solobill Laville: yes, normally it is green
    Wol Euler: must be a windows trick.
    Solobill Laville: but if you are off-line, it turns a reddish/green color
    Solobill Laville: ah, maybe that yes
    Wol Euler: I always have the minimap open, never seen that (touches wood)
    Solobill Laville: hehe
    Solobill Laville: yes, never is a strong word ;)
    Wol Euler: heheheh
    Solobill Laville: I read one of Adams' logs and it was germane to our convo last week I think
    Wol Euler: ah, do tell. (I'm reading the log that Pema mentioned, is the Adams blog he discusses the one you mean?)
    Solobill Laville: yes
    Wol Euler: ok, let me open that.
    Solobill Laville: ok
    Solobill Laville: ok
    Wol Euler smiles at your "rusty old concrete footing" image
    Solobill Laville: ah :)
    Solobill Laville: popped into my mind when I was writing that
    Wol Euler: quite apt, a very strong image
    Solobill Laville: I think it is really about the "sand" (which covers it) being drawn away, leaving it bare and in focus
    Solobill Laville: Then you can start dealing with it
    Solobill Laville: Fael made a similar comment in terms of realizing that which was hidden (my words there)
    Solobill Laville: And like I said, to me, that was (is) a huge primary step
    Wol Euler nods
    I switched gears to the Kira cafe.
    Solobill Laville: How was German night??
    Wol Euler: ah, I didn't go. I'd forgoten about it, and offered to cover here for Quilty.
    Wol Euler: so I shall miss next week too.
    Solobill Laville: oh, ok
    Wol Euler: pity.
    Wol Euler: the timezones are at fault!
    Solobill Laville: But good of you to cover for Quilty
    Wol Euler: I'd have realized if Pema had said "it's at 1 pm SLT" rather than giving local time.
    Solobill Laville: What times were Quilty's sessions?
    Solobill Laville: ah
    Wol Euler: :-)
    Solobill Laville: 13:00
    Solobill Laville: What day?
    Wol Euler: bad planning, and an indication of the ... mutability of information.
    Wol Euler: wednesdays
    Wol Euler: put info in the wrong container and it's unrecognizable.
    Solobill Laville: Ain't that the truth!
    Solobill Laville: :)
    Solobill Laville: "the medium is the message" - Marshall McCluhan
    Wol Euler: indeed. What would he have made of SL, I wonder?
    Solobill Laville: hmmmmm...
    Wol Euler: or the message wihout content that is our political process?
    Wol Euler slaps her hand. Down. girl.
    Solobill Laville wonders what is "our" to Wol...
    Wol Euler laughs. I was thinking htat as I wrote it.
    Solobill Laville: hehe
    Wol Euler: free-market globalized capitalist participartory democracy, I guess.
    Wol Euler: Germany's form is not htat much different to yours.
    Wol Euler: the level of debate is higher, for now.
    Wol Euler: but I would not bet on that lasting out my lifetime.
    Solobill Laville: what, down to a two-party system then?
    Wol Euler: oh no, I meant down to "intentionally meaningless blather as political weapon"
    Wol Euler: appearance driving out truth
    Wol Euler: informational black holes
    Wol Euler: lies swallowing truths
    Wol Euler: bah
    Wol Euler slaps her hand again. DOWN I said.
    Solobill Laville: the early debates within parties (here) to determine the nominee are actually pretty meaty and wide-ranging, topically
    Solobill Laville: BY this time, it is pretty refined to mainstream American issues
    Solobill Laville: Plus, two parties only
    Wol Euler: I don't know, I admit aht I am getting it second- or third-hand.
    Solobill Laville: brb
    Wol Euler: I read the New Yorker's take on the debates, rather thten seeing them.
    Wol Euler: ok
    Solobill Laville: back
    Solobill Laville: I don't regularly read the New Yorker, what did it say?
    Wol Euler: they were disappointed. Obama trying to talk about issues, McCain and Palin talking about appearance and telling ... irrelevancies.
    Solobill Laville: Imo, due to the Bradley effect, if Obama doesn't have a 6-7 point lead going in, he will lose
    Wol Euler: I'll tell yuo one thing, Europe is horrified by the thought of President Palin.
    Wol Euler: "bradley effect"?
    Solobill Laville: Europe and 75% of Americans
    Wol Euler: hehehehe
    Wol Euler: that should solidify Obaba's lead...
    Solobill Laville: Bradley effect is the tendency for deep racial beliefs to surface in the privacy of the voting booth regardless of what someone says before or after they voted
    Wol Euler: ah. that is a point, of course.
    Solobill Laville nods
    Wol Euler: well, wait and see.
    Solobill Laville: Indeed!
    Wol Euler: I am very glad that is nearly over, in any case.
    Wol Euler: I don't know how you (americans) survive two years of this crap :-)
    Solobill Laville: Many people live for it
    Wol Euler: it seems to me that the candicates start speechifying the day after the president is sworn in.
    Wol Euler: aaaaanyway.
    Solobill Laville: hehe
    Wol Euler: let's get back to Adams, what did you want to say, Solo?
    Solobill Laville: That there are different techniques to do this sort of
    Solobill Laville: inner weed pulling
    Wol Euler: :-)
    I have to admit a certain hesitance that I have to be intrusive, especially in one-to-one PaBs...Probably just me.  (I wonder if that's because my avatar-image is highly aligned to my RL self-image??  In other words Solobill is pretty much RL *me*))
    Solobill Laville shrugs and smiles
    Wol Euler: you have a very graphic, image-based way of thinking.
    Solobill Laville: I am in agreement with some others who say that analogy and metaphor are really the only was talking about this stuff can even come close to pointing in the right direction
    Solobill Laville: :)
    Solobill Laville: Otherwise it is more verbal diarhhea
    Wol Euler: mmhmm
    Since it was just Wol and I at this session, I suggested a locale change!
    Solobill Laville: Have you been to Kira cafe yet?
    Solobill Laville: duh!
    Solobill Laville: I was there with you
    Wol Euler: heheheh, yep
    Solobill Laville: let's go!
    Wol Euler: and since then, last night.
    Wol Euler: ok!
    Wol Euler: adjournec!
    Solobill Laville: andiamo!

    We noticed Pema standing near the entrance to the Kira cafe.

    Wol Euler: ah, pema's here
    Solobill Laville: :)
    Pema Pera: hi Wol!
    Wol Euler: not inerrupting, I hope?
    Solobill Laville: Hi, Pema!
    Pema Pera: no, hi!
    Solobill Laville: Wol, buy you a drink?
    Pema Pera: sorry, just a sec
    Wol Euler: thanks!
    Pema Pera: was waiting for someone who didn't show up
    Pema Pera: long story
    Pema Pera: on email
    Pema Pera: now
    Pema Pera: back soon!
    Pema Pera: but stay here please, you can make cameo appearances
    Pema Pera: if my cameraman ever shows up :)
    Wol Euler: :-)
    Solobill Laville: Well, we will, but just so you know, we're the 13:00 PaB session ;)
    Wol Euler: heheheh
    Solobill Laville grins
    Wol Euler: we should have pinned a note to the door.
    Solobill Laville: I've got my map open... :)
    Solobill Laville: it's my shift so I'll zip back if someone new goes to the pavilion
    Wol Euler: ah, now there is an invention: an intercom, to send speech (open chat) to another area.
    Solobill Laville: yes!
    Wol Euler: must be possible .........
    Newcastle Ale Barrel Keg Scripted owned by Storm Nordwind gave you 'Newcastle Ale Mug'  ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/BaikUn/232/115/252 ).
    Newcastle Ale Mug : Ice Cold Draught mmmmm!
    Solobill Laville notes Wol enjoys Newcastle
    Solobill Laville: I guess i can't really buy you one...
    Wol Euler: I do :-)
    Wol Euler: the gesture is noted, and appreciated :-)=
    Wol Euler: cheers
    Solobill Laville: cheers!
    Solobill Laville: uh, oh brb
    Wol Euler: kk

    I had noticed a green dot on my map near the pavilion and needed to TP back to assure I was fulfilling my Guardian duties...All was clear and I headed back to the Kira Cafe to find Storm there too.

    Talisker On The Rocks : Ice Cold mmmmm!
    Pema Pera looks at the clock, hates to leave during this interesting conversation, but has no choice . . . .
    Pema Pera: tc, y'all!
    Wol Euler: I didn't even know you had an alt, Storm.
    Solobill Laville: Bye, Pema
    Pema Pera: no cameraman today . . . . .
    Wol Euler: aww, bye pema
    Pema Pera: would have been fun to get this whole scene on video!
    Let's just say we closed the bar.  :)

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