2009.05.22 07:00 - Reading at the fountain

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    When I, quen Oh arrived it was silent and peaceful at the fountain. I found a tray of cookies on the edge, a nice gesture. I added a book I which I read. It was not a real book, it was a virtually unauthorised published 'book' giving out on 'touch' an introductory notecard and a weblink to: http://lab.kira.org/lab/index.html. Anyway I left it there for others to read. You will not find the book anymore, it is taken. But fortunately we always have the blog...(though it seems the link doesn't work anymore.. temporarily?)

    Luckily there is another link to Piet Hut's Life as a Laboratory ;-) http://www.ids.ias.edu/~piet/publ/other/alan.html

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