2009.11.05 01:00 - Just me and ......

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    Tarmel sat all alone, contemplating yet again the Big Bang and what came before it. The idea that the Universe or Being could have given birth to itself is indeed mind boggling. And yet the more one adapts one’s mind to the possibility that this in fact may be truth, subtly over time it becomes easier to accept. If we assume the Universe was created by a G-d then we still have to deal with the thought – well who or what created this G-d? Another G-d?


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    Originally written on 17:08, 05 Nov 2009
    My first job was as an assistant janitor (yes, start at the bottom!). I had a great talk with the janitor, who asked, "well, who was G-d's mother?"
    Posted 12:10, 9 Apr 2010
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