2008.12.23 07:00 - Musical Appreciation

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     This morning Riddle Sideways was your GoC and has added comments.

    Herein, is a session that speaks from and to much more of my own musical bent.
    Would love to title is "In search of the lost chord".

    PaB Listener Master: Recording has started!
    Riddle Sideways: good morning master recorder
    Which incidently, is almost exactly what I said in the studio at level checks.
    Riddle Sideways: good morning Crusty
    Riddle Sideways: that is a great cape
    Crusty Goldshark: hi thanks
    Riddle Sideways: I am enjoying those moments between when the coffee is ready but too hot
    Gaya Ethaniel: _/!\_
    Riddle Sideways: good morning Gaya
    Crusty Goldshark: hi gaya
    Crusty Goldshark: coffeee m m m
    Gaya Ethaniel: ^^
    Riddle Sideways: it smells so good, but will burn my tongue if I drink now
    Gaya Ethaniel: Anticipation ^^
    Crusty Goldshark: hi abi
    Gaya Ethaniel: Hey Adams ^^
    Riddle Sideways: good morning Adams
    Adams Rubble: hello Gaya, Ruddle Crusty :)
    Adams Rubble: Riddle
    Riddle Sideways: :)
    Crusty Goldshark: sorry hi Adams
    Riddle Sideways: I've been called worse
    Adams Rubble: me too
    Crusty Goldshark: me 3
    image: NPR's Weekend Edition on the clock radio at 5:45am saturday.  I am not hearing completely, coheriently and definitely do not have pencil and paper writting down quotes for ya'll.
    Riddle Sideways: couple days ago I was hearing the best statement on radio
    Riddle Sideways: but can not directly quote
    Crusty Goldshark: yes?
    Gaya Ethaniel listens
    Riddle Sideways: something about that he could not appreciate the musical piece until it was over
    Gaya Ethaniel: Who is 'he'?
    Riddle Sideways: not sure
    It started to snow in the pavillion
    Crusty Goldshark: snow . . .
    Riddle Sideways: ooooooooo snow flakes
    Gaya Ethaniel: ^^
    Gaya Ethaniel: Did he say why?
    Riddle Sideways: thank you for the snow
    Riddle Sideways: that was prolly the best part
    Riddle Sideways: I did not hear why, who, how or whatever
    Riddle Sideways: I was left to figure it out
    Crusty Goldshark: Well a lot of the best music is dependent on the phrasing - the pauses . . .
    Gaya Ethaniel: ^^ something 'clicked' when you heard that statement it seems
    Riddle Sideways: pushing the metaphor
    Riddle Sideways: living a full life
    Riddle Sideways: for 15 minutes
    Riddle Sideways: then in 9 seconds noticing
    Riddle Sideways: how good it was
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: What does living a full life mean to you?
    Crusty Goldshark: good question Gaya . . .
    Riddle Sideways: ah Gaya, that seems to be different each 15 segment
    Gaya Ethaniel: ^^ just curious
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah...
    Riddle Sideways: 1. Being present
    Riddle Sideways: in no order
    Riddle Sideways: 2. breathing deep
    Gaya Ethaniel breathes deep
    Riddle Sideways: 3. feeling the love abound
    Riddle Sideways: 2. relaxing
    Riddle Sideways: 1. messing up counting
    Crusty Goldshark: So the fullness is always present - but it is being aware of its fullness?

    As we all know and try to know we know, but desires to be repeated...

    The Fullness is always present.  It is the "BEING Aware" of its fullness.

    Riddle Sideways: I think so
    Adams Rubble: we can be aware of music while it is playing :)
    Crusty Goldshark: :)
    Riddle Sideways: yes
    Gaya Ethaniel: Please say more on 3? How do you do that?
    Riddle Sideways: short backtrack first
    Riddle Sideways: when listening deeply/fully to any moment of the great musics
    Riddle Sideways: you can be the sound
    Riddle Sideways: be the notes
    Riddle Sideways: the silences
    Riddle Sideways: when the music is made by ones family
    Riddle Sideways: ones love ones
    Gaya Ethaniel: ^^
    Riddle Sideways: by mother earth
    Riddle Sideways: translate the fullness feeling to the term Love
    Riddle Sideways: love is a very happy word to use at those occasions
    Gaya Ethaniel: ^^
    Perhaps, some are taking me literally throughout this session. I am not.
    Gaya Ethaniel: All of your family musical like yourself Riddle?
    Riddle Sideways: is this not what each of you feel
    Riddle Sideways: no my daughter is tthe only musical member
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah ok
    Riddle Sideways: and my father
    Gaya Ethaniel: [please continue, sorry for interruption]
    Crusty Goldshark: Is the music a projectio or reception?
    Riddle Sideways: no no want all of you to continue
    Gaya Ethaniel: Both and more I think Crusty
    Riddle Sideways: oooo Crusty that is both a great question and a who cares
    Crusty Goldshark: :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: [even audience can influence performances in a way]
    Riddle Sideways: even the room can influence the performance , accoustics etc.
    Here is a great story.
    Gaya Ethaniel giggles at a momery... of a snoring audience member who was asked to leave by the conductor in the middle of performance
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Riddle Sideways: :D
    Gaya Ethaniel: That's true Riddle
    Crusty Goldshark: did he wake him by tapping him on the head?
    Adams Rubble: That's why they make tubas
    Gaya Ethaniel: No the orchestra stopped after a while snoring began...
    Crusty Goldshark: :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: Then he woke up and was asked politely to leave
    Riddle Sideways: what they use the cannon in 1812 for
    Gaya Ethaniel: heheheh
    Adams Rubble puts on some music in RL
    Crusty Goldshark: wot?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Or Pathetique [Thaikovsky actually enjoyed watching startled audiences apparently]
    Riddle Sideways: we can analyse receive or project
    Riddle Sideways: both we do both
    Gaya Ethaniel: Do you have time/space to analyse while listening?
    Riddle Sideways: oh course
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah...
    Riddle Sideways: *of
    Crusty Goldshark: I ask because we can receive as much as we care to listen with and we can project as much as we care to put into the listening . . .
    Adams Rubble: yes
    Gaya Ethaniel: ... care or are able to?
    Crusty Goldshark: able
    Adams Rubble: I always feel a little disappointed when the music ends
    Riddle Sideways: and we can do internal/external processing while doing both
    Crusty Goldshark: Silence is my favourite music - so it seldom ends
    Fael joins us
    Riddle Sideways: "When the musics over, turn out the lights"
    Adams Rubble: zzzzzz
    Gaya Ethaniel: ^^
    Riddle Sideways: the silence at the end is the 9-sec
    Riddle Sideways: then the applause
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: That kind of silence is delicious ^^
    Riddle Sideways: it sure is
    Crusty Goldshark: My greatest teacher was a street light
    Crusty Goldshark: that I learnt to listen to
    Gaya Ethaniel: Listen to street lights?
    Adams Rubble: Hello fael :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: Hey Fael ^^
    Fael Illyar: Hi Everyone :)
    Riddle Sideways: good morning Fael
    Crusty Goldshark: It was painted red and white - like my cap and it said everything is an expression of its inner nature . . .
    Crusty Goldshark: Hi Fael
    Riddle Sideways: oooo Fael you rez so nicely
    Fael Illyar smiles 'Thank you.'
    Gaya Ethaniel waits for further revealation by the street light
    I like that: reveal-ation
    Faenik is a hairy black ball with eyes and ears.
    Crusty Goldshark: LOL - the street light taught me only this thing 'everything is an expression of its inner nature' it is quite a mundane revelation but it makes it possible to listen to or read everything . . .
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah... you mean you saw something in the light?
    Crusty Goldshark: Everything becomes special - if we listen we find the music is the same
    Crusty Goldshark: Light on Light
    Riddle Sideways thinks we all have some story, revelation, incident that is to others is ... but to us is the essence of reality, wisdom, beauty, and ...
    Crusty Goldshark: The light dances to its own tune
    Crusty Goldshark: unique in expression but the same in essence
    Riddle Sideways: what chords resonant most in you?
    Riddle Sideways: what note of the universe means truth
    Crusty Goldshark: Yes Riddle - a revelation may appear mundane to others but in the right fram of mind can be profound
    Fael Illyar: It's all truth, but whether your interpretation is... that's whole different matter
    One of the most common musical composition tools is to take the common theme and play it quite differently.  Not reversed as much as turned back on itself. Here Fael does that really nicely.
    Riddle Sideways: I have a continuing awaking with each door knob
    Crusty Goldshark: Well the music you describe is one of Love - this can be expressed in Mahyana Buddhism as 'Emptiness is form and form is emptiness' on some level meaning the Love is without both expression and non existence . . . A Silent note
    Faenik is a hairy black ball with eyes and ears.
    Crusty Goldshark: A snowflake that melts before it has fallen . . .
    Riddle Sideways: a Faenik that is both here and not here, heard and not heard ...
    Faenik is here?
    Faenik: why not?
    Crusty Goldshark: Yes a reality like SL is both real and just a phantasm . . .
    Gaya Ethaniel: What's phantasm?
    Faenik perks his ears up looking suddenly interested.
    Fael Illyar: close to illusion I think.
    Riddle Sideways: the edges are blurring for me
    Gaya Ethaniel: And the difference is...?
    Crusty Goldshark: it is a fantasic phantom - a Holy Ghost - a lost chord etc
    Crusty Goldshark: Awareness with being - or Being without substance . . .
    Fael Illyar: phantasm
    ghostly appearing figure; "we were unprepared for the
    " [syn: apparition, phantom,
    in perception only; "a ghostly apparition
    syn: apparition, phantom, phantasma, shadow]
    Riddle Sideways notes that that is the third time in a day that "Lost chord" has been mentioned to me
    Riddle Sideways: TY Fael
    Gaya Ethaniel: ty both ^^
    We are not talking about Faenik literally being a holy ghost :)
    Crusty Goldshark: Maybe like the Moody Blues you are in search of the 'Lost Cord' - that might tie it all together :)

    I did not get the pun at first.

    The Moody Blues [hmmm, what word to use? 'were' because they are no longer or 'are' because we can still play their music anew] a band whose music was both deep and shallow. Somedays the same song was so obviously sugar sweeten crap that I would wonder what I ever liked in it yesterday.

    Riddle Sideways: I am either hearing too much or too little Moody Blues lately
    Gaya Ethaniel: ^^
    Riddle Sideways: my guitarist quoted the entire poem at the end of knights in white satin, last night
    Faenik loves wells!
    Crusty Goldshark: I did a course a few years back on how to think and it mentioned that people think in different ways - some use metaphors of sound, some of visuals and some are based on touch . . .
    Gaya Ethaniel: Sorry but what's the end of knights in white satin?
    Riddle Sideways: Sorry, Gaya I can not quote the poem from the end of the moody blues song :(
    Crusty Goldshark: In order to get on the same wavelength you have to understand what a person is talking about and how - for example I am largely visualy based and Riddle talks in the metaphor of sound . . .
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah, it's a song I see ^^
    Adams Rubble: from the 60s
    Gaya Ethaniel: Yes Crusty I know what you mean
    Faenik: ????^^
    Riddle Sideways: at least today
    Gaya Ethaniel: ^^
    Riddle Sideways: adams, me or the song
    Riddle Sideways: actually both
    Adams Rubble: you, me and the song :)
    Crusty Goldshark: That is because you are wearing the right type of hat Gaya :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: ^^ perhaps
    Crusty Goldshark: :)
    Riddle Sideways: :)
    Riddle Sideways: which hat would that be
    Fael Illyar ponders whether she's a visual or auditory person ...
    Riddle Sideways: the sence that you bring into your sentences seems important
    Gaya Ethaniel: Please give us an example Riddle
    Faenik: indeed?
    Riddle Sideways: Crusty did the best description
    Gaya Ethaniel: ^^
    Riddle Sideways: I am framing every thing in musical terms today
    Riddle Sideways: with the ears of the world
    Gaya Ethaniel: I'm fond of both, visual and auditory...
    Riddle Sideways: Crusty is seeing things as they are (to Crusty)
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah... I see now
    Crusty Goldshark: Yes we often change to accomodate - I FEEL this is an important way of communicating is body based - I see what you mean is visual - I hear you is aditory etc .. .
    Riddle Sideways: we talked the other day about things smelling rotten lately
    Adams Rubble: only for another month
    Gaya Ethaniel: Rotten where?
    Adams Rubble: hehe
    Adams Rubble: in the states of the united
    Adams Rubble: of
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah... hang on... are talking of politics?
    Riddle Sideways: almost
    Adams Rubble pleads guilty
    Gaya Ethaniel: yay! tuning in ok today
    Riddle Sideways: :)
    Crusty Goldshark: have to go - time to enter the RL - cu guys
    Crusty leaves.
    Adams Rubble: bye Crusty :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: Have fun shopping Crusty ^^
    Riddle Sideways: okCrusty
    Gaya Ethaniel: Wish you lots of last minute bargains
    Riddle Sideways: bye bye
    Crusty Goldshark is Offline
    Gaya Ethaniel: When is Bush going on officially then?
    Riddle Sideways: Jan 20
    Adams Rubble: January 20th at 12 noon
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah ok
    Adams Rubble: They are having it outside so it will be too cold for 4 million people to through shoes
    Adams Rubble: throw
    Riddle Sideways: :)
    Faenik loves wells!

    Gaya Ethaniel: I was watching Bi-Bicentennial Man last night and something really stuck out
    Riddle Sideways: I only just learned about this shoe throwing thing, very funny
    Riddle Sideways: yes, Gaya
    Gaya Ethaniel: That the head of the 'World Congress' was a black person and... we have a black US president... amazing in a way
    Gaya Ethaniel: People thought that would happen well in the future
    Gaya Ethaniel: People seeing beyond racial differences
    Riddle Sideways: it is amazing
    Riddle Sideways: thought I might not see this in my life
    Fael Illyar: There are always people who're ahead of their time. They're the ones who "create the future" so to speak.
    Riddle Sideways: I have fought for equality for so long
    Riddle Sideways: and it seemed hopeless
    Gaya Ethaniel: Majority of US citizens are ahead of time it seems then ^^
    Riddle Sideways: ha, because we rush so fast
    Adams Rubble: It is very complicated
    Adams Rubble: If he does well, it will become a moot point in the future
    Faenik: indeed?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Well even before the 'end results' I meant... I was surprised at the election outcome
    Adams Rubble: America likes to elect people who offer hope
    Gaya Ethaniel: Other countries too I think
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Riddle Sideways: not sure why bush was elected then
    Adams Rubble: He offered hope but did not deliver
    Adams Rubble: did the opposite
    Adams Rubble: remember compassionate conservatism
    Riddle Sideways: oh yeah, a few richys had nope
    Riddle Sideways: hope
    Adams Rubble: offered to make us proud of the white house
    Adams Rubble: the richys got nope. hehe
    Adams Rubble: in the end
    Riddle Sideways loves typos
    Gaya Ethaniel: On that note, I will go off and google/learn about 'compassionate conservatism' Good day all ^^
    oh dear, I hope Gaya does not...  I will give her a headache trying to understand.
    Adams Rubble: bye Gaya :)
    Fael Illyar: See you later Gaya :)
    Riddle Sideways: good day Gaya
    Now, about this rogue SL airplane.
    Riddle Sideways: and thank you Fael, I gotthe airplane out of my house
    Fael Illyar: You're welcome :)
    Adams Rubble sorry to send Riddle the problem
    Riddle Sideways: wonder whose problem it is now
    Adams Rubble: hehe
    Adams Rubble: I couldn;t get into my house
    Fael Illyar: I'm still wondering what's up with return not working either.
    Adams Rubble is thankful it was not a real plane in a real house
    Riddle Sideways: seems it was a Linden special object
    Faenik: could be
    Adams Rubble: Fael had the strength of 60 men :)
    Adams Rubble: lifted the plane right off the patio
    Adams Rubble: poof...off to Rffles
    Adams Rubble: Riddles
    Riddle Sideways: I had problems streaching a block
    Fael Illyar: I'd guess Riddle did the same thing :)
    Riddle Sideways: missed picking the new block and raised my floor instead
    Riddle Sideways: it worked
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Fael Illyar: well, that works too :D
    Adams Rubble will think more the next time riding a vehicle
    Fael Illyar: It's sometimes unavoidable
    Fael Illyar: especially in airplanes.
    Riddle Sideways: yes, was thinking of that
    Riddle Sideways: get in it, then raise it
    Adams Rubble always wondered where they went
    Adams Rubble: when they crashed
    Fael Illyar: things rez too slow and if you crash into anything, the plane (unless it's designed to self destruct) keeps going and you end up somewhere.
    Adams Rubble: yes, I have usually ended up standing on the bottom of the oceam
    Fael Illyar: kind of kills the fun from flying around in SL :)
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Fael Illyar: except at reasonably slow speeds
    Adams Rubble: It is good we can tp
    Fael Illyar: Yep, would be quite a pain if we couldn't :)
    Riddle Sideways: the balloon is about the right speed
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Riddle Sideways: I just hate it when I rez into RL at the bottom of the ocean
    Adams Rubble: Yes
    Fael Illyar: You do that?
    Riddle Sideways: or have no tp
    Riddle Sideways: well, sometimes when I snap awake after dropping off I don't know where I am
    Riddle Sideways: could be ocean or mountain
    Adams Rubble: It is time for me to head out. Bye for now :)
    Fael Illyar: See you later Adams :)
    Adams Rubble: Good to see you both :)
    Riddle Sideways: me too, must go BE real
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Riddle Sideways: fun time, today
    Adams Rubble: I just have to go back to work :)

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    Gaya reads http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compassionate_conservatism
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