2008.07.06 01:00 - Who does not know?

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    Arriving point 1 o clock:

    [1:00]  Fael Illyar: Hi Moon
    [1:00]  You: hi fael :)
    [1:01]  Faenik: could be
    [1:02]  Fael Illyar: Avastu popped in to yesterday's 1pm meeting :)
    [1:03]  You: oh avatsu i didnt see him for a long time
    [1:03]  Faenik loves wells!
    [1:03]  Fael Illyar: Ended up a 2 hour session for me, Pia and Avastu
    [1:04]  You: hehe yes avatsu has alot to tell .. and also to ask :)
    [1:04]  You: what was the opic?
    [1:04]  You: t
    [1:04]  Faenik: indeed?
    [1:05]  Fael Illyar: I wonder how to explain it simply.
    [1:06]  You: no needto explain it simply:)
    [1:06]  Fael Illyar: I guess there were a lot of topics but for Avastu it seemed there was just one :)
    [1:06]  You: "who is you? who think you is? is ther a you?"
    [1:06]  You: something like that ?:)
    [1:07]  Fael Illyar: yes
    [1:07]  You: hehe
    [1:07]  Fael Illyar: It's often easy to predict what he will answer :)
    [1:07]  Fael Illyar: but sometimes not.
    [1:07]  Faenik: ????^^
    [1:07]  You: yes did it enlightend you a bit ?
    [1:08]  You: of yourself?
    [1:08]  Fael Illyar: I guess it did. Somehow.
    [1:08]  You: atleast he makes you aksink you alot of questions about yourself
    [1:09]  You: or the noself
    [1:09]  Fael Illyar: yes
    [1:09]  You: i think avatsu also got a block
    [1:09]  You: blog
    [1:10]  Fael Illyar: yes, I've looked at it. It's linked from the PaB blog
    [1:12]  You: where there some open questions at the end of the meeting?
    [1:13]  Fael Illyar: umm... questions from my part yes but no words to express them. Need to be careful how to word them or Avastu will pick the wrong thing to respond to :P
    [1:13]  You: hhehe
    [1:13]  Fael Illyar: Well, just trying to formulate the question the way that works with Avastu is itself kind of enlightening I suppose.
    [1:14]  You: i talked long talks with him maybe i can also answer it
    [1:15]  Faenik: why not?
    [1:15]  Fael Illyar: Although, Pia asked the question at the end. Without that much care to wording though.
    [1:15]  Fael Illyar: Even so, in some ways better than my own attempts to formulate it.
    [1:16]  Fael Illyar: "How come everyone doesn't know?"
    [1:16]  You: people know, they just forgot to remember :)
    [1:17]  Fael Illyar: Although, it tends to be hard to make people realize even by reminding :P
    [1:17]  You: this requires awareness
    [1:18]  Fael Illyar: Yes, I suppose it does.
    [1:19]  Faenik: why not?
    [1:22]  You: or to say it in avatus speak: "who doesnt know?"
    [1:22]  Fael Illyar: haha :)
    [1:23]  Fael Illyar: avastu really tends to put things very simply.
    [1:24]  You: :) well you know as simple it seems as harder it sometimes is
    [1:24]  Fael Illyar: Yes
    [1:25]  Fael Illyar: [2008/07/05 14:56] Pia Iger: Sounds simple, how come most ppl don't know?
    [2008/07/05 14:57] Avastu Maruti: well, we can say that there are no "other people"
    [2008/07/05 14:57] Avastu Maruti: or we can say that everyone is looking for something "outside" of THIS
    [2008/07/05 14:57] Avastu Maruti: something "better" than THIS
    [2008/07/05 14:58] Avastu Maruti: NOW is never good enough
    [1:26]  You: yes thats avatsu hehe
    [1:27]  Fael Illyar: in a way. That's got the core of what Avastu is saying I guess.
    [1:29]  Faenik: ????^^

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