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    October 13, 2011


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    1588.49 kB05:41, 14 Oct 2011Aphrodite MacBainActions
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    Standing meditation, right after waking up.

    Worked some more with letting both stress and tiredness flow away. Shifted the focus a bit more towards allowing instead of doing.

    When trying out a new aspect of meditation, I inevitably start with doing it, as just allowing does not work at the inception stage. The body and mind have to know what they can do, and then it becomes a new degree of freedom to be allowed.
    Posted 08:17, 13 Oct 2011
    each entry a step.. in a queue.. new days, blessed with rising rays.. I wait for the other foot to appear.. sometimes doing.. sometimes allowing.. and sometimes pausing.. cycles of lightness and darkness.. thoughts of adequacy, glancing to an objective or the length of the line. Playing displacement. Here is the body.. again.. lining up, fluxing.. expanding, contracting.. here, here, here
    Posted 10:59, 13 Oct 2011
    Dream catcher precision
    Lightly hooked

    on the moment's branches
    Angles caught

    Opening up beneath
    a good morning moon edited 12:00, 13 Oct 2011
    Posted 11:58, 13 Oct 2011
    inspired by yesterday's poetic cave talk, by Eden, Eos, Aphrodite, Lucinda:

    foggy morning ride
    train windows rain patterns heels
    click clack to exit
    Posted 15:02, 13 Oct 2011
    Recliner sit:


    Silence is a healing cave.
    Solitude is also a healing cave.

    (Ask a hermit.) edited 16:35, 13 Oct 2011
    Posted 16:32, 13 Oct 2011
    Posted 22:29, 13 Oct 2011
    ::: Poetry cocktail
    ::: At the Russian consulate
    :::.Cyrillic time-cap
    Posted 00:58, 14 Oct 2011
    stopped rushing forward to meet something imagined from the future
    sat there waiting to reside with the present moment

    remembered the experience from times past

    the feeling was one of sitting in sunlight with nothing to do
    Posted 03:12, 14 Oct 2011
    The full moon tugs.
    Gentle words caress.
    Breath moving slowly.
    Heart opening quietly. edited 05:39, 14 Oct 2011
    Posted 05:37, 14 Oct 2011
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